Creating a Marketing Plan can be a daunting task for most business owners. Maybe you've drafted a marketing plan  in the past, and ended up with a binder on a shelf that was full of ideas and strategies, but they were never executed.

At Full Spectrum Marketing Services, we take a unique approach to market planning. The marketing plans we create with and for our clients are designed to be practical and easy to follow, and by design are 'living documents' that are looked at often.

Our model for creating and using a marketing plan looks a lot like the recycling symbol that we all know. Our plans are designed to help our customers work through the steps of Planning, Executing and Evaluating marketing activities. Learning from both their successes and failures. Listing all of the market knowledge data points that go into the decision making process so that these 'assumptions' can be re-evaluated during the next planning period. As your business evolves so does the market around you. Conditions are constantly changing, which makes planning discipline a top priority.

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